The Bet50 platform is an online platform that caters to sports and gaming. The platform is designed like a regular sports betting site but operates on the EOS blockchain.

It has a very amazing User Interface that is easy to use and very responsive. Users can sign up on the platform and start placing bets on various matches in various categories easily and without delay. The platform will have four categories, Sports betting, Esports, Blog and Online Shop.

The first phase is the Sports Betting phase, where users can bet on live matches with the BET50 token and earn rewards when they win.

The process is smooth and very efficient. The User logs in to the platform with Scatter and an Identity is created for the user on the platform. The user then selects from a list of available odds to place a bet.

The other phases which include sports blogging and online store are currently under development.

We provide a Multipurpose Sports Blogging, Shopping and Betting Platform all in one place

Our Features

Multiple Usecases
Community Driven
Utility Based
Reward Backed


Sports Betting


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