Overview since Platform Launch: Partnership Seats Open

The BET50 platform launched on the 17th of January 2019.

Problems / Bugs

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Unsurprisingly, because of it’s nature and the launch time, the platform came live with a lot of bugs. Staking issues, login issues and a whole lot of UI problems.

Luckily, we have a super community that stayed with us through it and provided valuable feedback which helped us improve on the platform. From 17th of January to 24th of January, the staking issues intensified as we rushed to fix the problem. Stakes were irregular and permission setting affected the whole process.

To compensate for this, we released more stakes to users for a 3 day period for them to stack up on missed rewards during that period.

We also spent a few more days redesigning the platform to be more user friendly and navigable, adding more sports and options for betting.

Listings and Partnerships

We made several listings and partnerships over the past few weeks. We listed on eoslynx, meetone, dappradar, stateofthedapps, tokenpocket and more listings to come. We also got listed on eosex exchange here. We are currently making more plans to expand our userbase and we are making more listings, marketing and partnerships to that effect.

Airdrop and Bounty

We have completed our first round of airdrop to users with over 10,000 BET50 tokens in their wallet. This airdrop took place on the 7th of January 2019, 2 days after the end of IEO.

Bounty is currently on and can be accessed here.

Second Round of Airdrop will hold on the 1st of April 2019. It will also be airdropped to users with over 10,000 BET50 in their account. It will be airdropped in a ratio of 10000:1000.


Drops are currently ongoing with several of our partners. Tokenpocket, Mathwallet and Meetone wallet will give out several tokens to users of their platform.

Our Plans For The Future

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We’ve hit some snags along the way, roadmap slowdown due to financial constraints. We started out betfty with funds from the team and we’re still pushing it with our funds till this moment. We have really amazing plans for the future of BET50 and we are underway to achieving them. But, this process would go so much smoother and faster if we had more funds. So if you have read our litepaper here and you believe in the potential of what we plan to accomplish, you can be partner and have a share in bet50. Just send an email to partners@betfty.com. We are opening just 10 partnership seats to the public to hold substantial shares in BET50. If you just want to donate to our project, send any amount of EOS to our main account betftymainac.


Blogging platform development is still ongoing and snapshots will be available when we get to that stage. We are employing various marketing strategies to ensure widespread userbase in preparation for release of the blogging platform. More Updates will be published as time goes on. Thank you for sticking with us.

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