BET50 Updates: Platform Live | Mobile| New Listings| Airdrop| Bounty Announcement

The BET50 platform is now live!

After several weeks of development and testing, the BET50 platform has been moved to mainet for live use. You can now log in to bet and stake on the BET50 platform. In more good news, you can now use the BET50 platform on mobile phones with scatter extension.


First Download Yandex Browser on Google play store
Install chrome scatter extension
Import key
Then Watch this video on how to use the BET50 platform on mobile –


Sale is still ongoing. You can buy BET50 tokens on eosex here — and stake on the betfty platform or make bets.


We will take a snapshot of all EOS accounts holding BET50 tokens on the 7th of February. The snapshot will be used to airdrop BET50 tokens to holders on the 10th of February 2019 in a ratio of 10000:1000. This means that for every 10,000 BET50 being held, the user will receive 1000 BETFTY during the airdrop. So if you have 1,000,000 BETFTY in your wallet on the 7th of february, then you get 100,000 BET50 tokens upon airdrop.


Article Bounty

Ends on the 5th of February
Permitted Platforms: Steemit or Medium
Submit Article here —

Twitter Bounty

Ends on the 24th of January
Top 3 retweets Wins 25k each
Minimum of 100 retweets

Submit details here


More great news are still coming as the BET50 store is still undergoing development. The first products to be sold on the platform will be giftcards among other virtual products. Implementation is underway and we look forward to making the announcement soon!

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