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As promised, we are updating our community as we move through each phase of platform development for the BET50 platform. This week’s milestone’s include:


We crossed 200 members in our discord and telegram group as more people are hearing about BET50 and flocking to the community base.Things have been moving fast as we also crossed 300 followers on twitter in less than 1 month after platform declaration. The BET50 movement has been going strong on all our socials and we are grateful to our community members for the support.


As hard work and determination would have it, we completed the platform during the week and released a preview on twitter showcasing matches and design of the platform. This garnered a lot of reaction and played a key role in our discord and telegram channels crossing 200 members.


We began Alpha testing last week and successfully completed testing of the platform and fixing of the bugs. 22 Individuals applied for our beta testing campaign and the result was an astounding success. We once again thank our community members for their interest and support of the BET50 platform.

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Due to the recent attack on EOS gaming dapps, development took an extra amount of time as we had to tighten our security and fix the holes that could have allowed for infiltration. We are proud to announce a two tiered security encryption on the platform that allows for optimum security while maintaining amazing user experience.


We have been listed by two popular ICO rating sites after the independent review of our project. More listings coming soon as we make headway and expand in the bid to make BET50 a token of immense utility.

Listed on foundico

Listed on ico holder

In addition, we have been added to the meetone and token pocket wallet. We are currently seeking a partnership with both platforms to airdrop/airgrab tokens to users of the platform, so interested individuals should have any of those wallets at the ready. Announcements will be made concerning that later on.


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Finally, the much anticipated BET50 platform goes live. After several months of development and security checks and a week of Alpha testing, the BET50 platform has now been released to the public in the beta stage. Users can place bets and cash out through the aid of automated functions and smart contracts once platform is enabled for use.



Tokens Created: 800M BET50 (EOS tokens)

Funding Target: $1M

Funding options: EOS

Firesale: starts 10am UTC and ends 10pm UTC on the 7th of January

Firesale price: 1500:1 (BET50 : EOS)

PRESALE: starts 7th of January, ends 5th of February

PRESALE price: 1000:1 (BET50 : EOS)

More details here:

The BET50 pre-sale has been met with support from all corners and interest all round. It is the first multipurpose EOS sports betting DAPP after all. As a result of demand and time factor, the BET50 presale has been moved to 7th of January 2019 at 9am UTC. Interested investors can participate in any of the presale stage and purchase BET50 tokens easily. The total amount of tokens available for sale is only 100,000,000.


The Firesale is the first stage and will only last for 5 hours. It begins at 10am UTC and will end at 10pm UTC on the 7th of January. The first stage of presale will begin automatically after firesale. The firesale is special and unique because it requires a minimum purchase of 1000 EOS worth of BET50 tokens. The ratio of 1 EOS to BET50 will be at ratio 1:1500. This means that the minimum purchase of BET50 will be 1.5M BET50 in the firesale. Interested participants are advised to contact @Invoko on discord for more details about the process.


The BET50 pre-sale will hold on the eosex exchange. Interested individuals can purchase the token via this link. Buy BET50

The presale phase will end on the 5th of February or if the 50 million tokes are exhausted sooner.

We are currently rounding up the integration of staking of tokens on the platform and early Investors will use the opportunity to lock up their tokens and earn rewards pending the time the presale ends and we move to exchange.

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